Tanglewood Middle School

FALL 2019


$260 PER MONTH After school care only

$350 per month before and after school care

$150 per month before school care only


Site Director - Robbie Bailey

832-891-3992 | robbiebailey@after3asp.com

Morning Care | Hours 7:00 - 8:25 a.m.

CALM CRUSADERS | Catalyst Counseling | SESSION 1 | | Anxiety Group for Kids 3:55-4:55 | 6th-7th Grade | Tuition $270 Session | email barbie@calmcrusaders.com | More Information
*I acknowledge that this is a social/ skills group. If my child has been previously diagnosed with anxiety this class is not a good fit for me. I recognize that if my child is seeing a psychiatrist this class may not be for them.